Love Your Neighbor

The Series: Part 1

This project is about getting to know the people in our community in Guatemala and to better know our neighbors and to find out if there is anything in particular that we can help pray for them about

Wilber benito


Sebastian Perez


Lupe Lopez


Edwin Garcia

Love You Neighbor

Josue "Jeremias" Martinez

Jeremias is a talented carpenter who has been working with CRI for a number or years. He and his co-workers are the ones who build the bunk beds for housing the CRI teams and that are given to families in the villages that receive a wooden house. In addition to many other wood projects at the CRI facilities throughout the year.

My name is Josue Jeremias Martinez. I am 40 years old thanks to the Lord. My wife was one month pregnant when I had to take her to the hospital emergency room. We didn’t know that she was pregnant. The doctors asked me who did I want to save: my wife or my son. I responded: “May God do his will”. If God’s will was to save both my wife and my son, he was going to do it. So the doctors made me sign a liability waiver at the hospital. They wanted to remove their legal liability from them for the surgery. My wife was at great risk. My son could require special care after birth. It was a very difficult experience. Specially, me as a dad. No dad wishes this for their kids. I was ready to accept God’s will. After the surgery, my wife was discharged from the hospital and allowed to go home. But after three hours I had to take her back in due to bleeding. She stayed in the ER for another two weeks. It was a very difficult time in our lives. I was miserable. The medicine had risky secondary effects. She was diagnosed with an infection. The surgery didn’t go well. But she got discharged after those two weeks. She is home now. I am very thankful with the Lord. My family is a gift from the Lord. I am also thankful for CRI for providing me with a job. I have been able to work here when I had no other way of income for my family. I am forever thankful for all their support. Please pray for my four sons. Two of them are growing up and giving me some trouble. It gets difficult at times so please pray for my family.

Thank you 

Translated by Otto Lopez

Samuel Bautista Juarez

My name is Samuel Bautista Juarez. My son had kidney failure. We arranged dialysis treatment to reduce the build-up of toxins normally handled by the kidneys. He had to go through it four times a day. Every day a week. But thankfully we were able to arrange a kidney transplant. I was the kidney donor to my son and thankfully we are both fine now. This was the most difficult situation I’ve been through in life. But I am thankful with the Lord because through this experience my life has changed for good. He is shaping my life to His will. He has given me strength. I moved past many things in life to follow the path of the Lord. I ask you to pray for my children and for my wife. So that the Lord touches her heart.

That’s my prayer.

Translated by Otto Lopez
Love Your Neighbor