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Since posting the last blog, Nathan and I found out that we’re expecting! We’re beyond excited and can’t wait to start this new adventure of parenthood. I’m now at 20 weeks and am finally saying goodbye to some of the not-so-lovely beginning pregnancy side effects. Hooray! A few weeks ago the doctor told us that there was a 55% (WHAT) chance that we’re having a girl. Now at 20 weeks I’m excited to say that percentage has increased and we’re definitely having a sweet baby girl! Her name is Elizabeth Haven Wilson.

The last couple of years, Nathan and I have been busy and loving every moment! From moving to Kentucky, getting married, moving to Guatemala and now anxiously awaiting Elizabeth. Pregnancy has taken me back a little and placed me in a period of rest. It’s a bit strange not being able to go at the same pace I'm use to. What a blessing it’s been though to spend more time praying and listening to what God has to say. Right now I’m returning to the importance of memorizing scripture. I think just growing up in Sunday school and at times enrolled in Christian schools, I looked at memorizing scripture as more of a chore and didn’t see the benefit of it. Tucking scriptures away in our minds can help us to reflect longer on what God is saying and can really root themselves in our hearts. The current scripture Nathan and I are learning is Isaiah 40:8

The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever.

Last summer, we shared with you our dream to roast and sell our own coffee. We’re so pleased to say that Tentmakers Roasting Co is up and running now! All coffee is freshly roasted at CRI. $1 from every bag sold is given back to the Mimi’s House Education Program. If you come down this summer make sure you grab yourself a bag!


Current song on repeat is by Rita Springer called “Defender.” Shoutout to all of the other 90’s kids that grew up in church and remember Rita! This is such a beautiful song and the bridge brings me to tears every time I hear it. If you have time give it a listen. I’ll put the YouTube link below:


Here’s the iTunes link to the album:


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