You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

Katy and I have now settled in to our new home here in Guatemala and cannot be happier to have the opportunity to serve. We will be helping lead teams that come down, assisting with the education sponsorship program, along with leading a group of young adults called Tentmakers. Tentmakers will take off next summer traveling and serving throughout Guatemala. The name Tentmakers refers to the passages of the Apostle Paul, Aquila, and Priscilla in the book of Acts. We are offering Tentmakers as a way to experience Jesus and deepen your walk as a disciple with an eternal perspective. We are very blessed and excited for what God has planned for us here.

My wife and I have officially experienced missionary life in Guatemala for one month. The transition has been smooth and a natural change in scenery, culture and language… Well the language is my achilles heel. I have to learn more and be able to communicate better, which will come with time, dedication, and practice. Having the opportunity to serve alongside my wife is an amazing blessing. This is a place that I love, because it’s a place that I discovered love. Katy and I wouldn’t have this opportunity if it wasn’t simply for God and His plan. Each and every day I’m grateful.

We miss our family and friends and everyone in the States, and the town, our church, and our first apartment we called home for a year. We feel we are following God’s plan and everything has worked out better than we could of hoped for.

This past month has been full of so many fun moments and experiences. Katy and I, along with a college group from Seattle Pacific University, helped do an eye clinic in the village Villa Nueva. I love helping with the Eye Doc In a Box clinic. I played full court basketball for the first time in years, which being out of shape and 1500m (nearly 5000ft) above sea level doesn't help. We now have taco Tuesdays and Pappy’s BBQ nights with the teams, which I'll never get tired of. I also got my first Guatemala haircut that absolutely blew Great Clips out of the water.

Something during the last month that made me realize how lucky I am to be here and to serve with Katy, was during Seattle Community Church’s closing discussion on their last night in Guatemala. They did a large group devotional where they talked about how their week went. To hear how God had touched them and to see how God had used them… words do not accurately describe what went on that week. But to be able to sit and listen to them illustrate what they experienced, filled my heart with joy and happiness.

This past month, Katy and I have also been tuning in to North Point Community Church online. Andy Stanley is in the process of delivering one of the most impactful and crucial messages I’ve ever heard. If you would like to check out the series you can find them at

Lastly, my mom has been crafting stained glass for many years. She has decided to start selling pieces and donating the proceeds to support Katy and I as we serve in Guatemala. If you are interested please check out our "shop" page on our site and leave a message.

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